Patron FX 

 Patron FX (ForexTB LTD Trademark) is regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). Trading with regulated company gives customers benefit of regulation regarding: funds, prices and origins of the capital used to create the comapny. As a regulated company we are happy to fulfill all CySEC demands to deliver safest trading environment for our Customers.

Licence Number: 272/15
Licence Date: 07/04/2015
Company Registration Number: 310943


To provide best possible deposit protection we offer our customers trading accounts in a regulated, well known polish Bank mBank - DGK. Thanks to this solution our Clients account are independently protected by Komisja Nadzoru Finansowego KNF (polish financial authority) deposit regulations. 

This approach allows Clients to swiftly gain access to financial markets and be certain about founds safety and 100 000 EUR protection.

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Patron FX provide best possible market technology to give clients all possible advantages over the market.

- Well known, popular and complex MT4 connected to best STP liquidity.

- Trading WEB browser platform - Fast, simple to use and full of amazing trading features

- Mobile and tablet platforms with amazing market news sections and fast one click trade execution. 

Choose your trading tools based on best possible technology.

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Tired of paying for 1600 instruments you are not using at all? Patron FX offer is smaller but handcrafted for traders needs. Less instruments allows us to focus on what's important trade STP speed execution and competitive prices for offered instrument.

Straight Through Processing is (STP) allows our Clients to get and put trades form and to market without any input on the way. No "cut a bit" no "slightly price change on DD". Handcrafted STP offer provided by Patron FX is pure market price delivered to Clients! 

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